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Traffic Signs Manual PDFs Download

Download the PDFs using the links below.

Chapter 1

Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 1 - Introduction (2018)


Chapter 2

Not yet released. The current advice on the design and use of directional informatory signs is published in LTN 1/94. Also available is the latest list of primary destinations in England.

Chapter 3

Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 3 - Regulatory Signs (2019)


Chapter 4

Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 4 - Warning Signs (2018)


Chapter 5

Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 5 - Road Markings (2019)


Chapter 6

Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 6 - Traffic Control (2019)


Chapter 7

Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 7 - The Design of Traffic Signs (2019)


Chapter 8-1

Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 - Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations: Part 1 - Design (2009)


Chapter 8-2

Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 - Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations: Part 2 - Operations (2009)


Chapter 8-3

Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8 - Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations: Part 3 - Update (2020)


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